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 Stupid parents don't understand

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PostSubject: Stupid parents don't understand   Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:01 pm

So my girlfriend lives about 5 hours away from me, and we hardly get to see each other.  She was supposed to visit for the first time in months this weekend, but her mom got enough speeding tickets in my state that her license is suspended here, so now we can't see each other until October, maybe.  But, my parents are treating this like its my fault.  I didn't cause any tickets.  Her mother was stupid, but me and my girlfriend feel that this is very unfair to us.  We did nothing, but get punished.  This is so annoying.   And I'm not allowed to drive down to see her, and ,y parents won't drive me even though they'll just sit around for the next week.  I hate this. Evil or Very Mad
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Stupid parents don't understand
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