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This is a site for just anyone to complain, or talk about anything without feeling stupid. :3
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 First job is crummy.

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PostSubject: First job is crummy.   Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:25 pm

Hello I assume no one reads complaints in this forum, otherwise this will be embarrassing.

I hardly applied for jobs before because I feel like I don't fit the employee description for all of them.

I'm very shy/socially awkward, and I speak quietly
I need a lot of guidance and clear/thorough directions
I'm super clumsy and fumble with things when I handle them
I forget things very, very, very easily

With someone's help, I got a job but my supervisor bullies me and says unnecessary things. When I
was still unemployed, she (current supervisor) texted me at 7:45AM and asked if I could work that
morning. The previous night, I had given her my resume and availability. She continues to show
disorganization and unprofessionalism and likes saving the heavy-lifting for me, a 5'3" 90 pound girl.
Though I'm petite, I can do it, but she doesn't even give me water breaks or time to wipe snot off
my nose. She knows I have a second break after lunch but keeps giving me tasks so I've never taken
that break since taking the job. As a beginner, I should be trained, but she spent less than a minute
explaining just one aspect of my responsibilities. When I ask questions, she gets frustrated and doesn't
want to deal with me, but when I do something wrong she uses an annoying tone, saying I should
"ASK QUESTIONS". Recently, she had me receive a shipment, which isn't even my job, and when there
was an error of some sort with the shipment, she got mad and frustrated with me when it wasn't even
my fault, saying I was inexperienced (duh?) and asking if it was my first job (have you even looked at
my resume that you asked for twice?). Even if I had another job like other young adults (sales associate
at some clothing store, server at a restaurant) what kind of experience could have prepared me to receive
give me a list with words and definitions and I can memorize it I'm in college, currently holding a 3.7 GPA
I think I can do it. When I got on my lunch break that day, I sat in my car, called my boyfriend, and cried
over the phone. He tells me that I just need to deal with it and be professional because it's work but it's
scrambling my emotional state. Last night, I had a dream that I was working. Ever since I got the job, I'd
be half-awake at night, dreaming that I'm working and messing up. My brain makes it seem so real and it's
like I'm trapped. It sounds crazy like what's wrong with you it's just a job, but the effects are there. I don't
want to deal with it, but if I quit, I'd feel bad since I was helped to get it. It's not worth the money I'm
making. I hardly get to see my boyfriend anymore and it makes me feel crazy. He's been studying a lot, and
I've been working on top of going to school and taking online classes. I can't see him after 5PM because
there's no parking when I come home. I'd have to take at least a 20 minute walk after finding parking in
another neighborhood at night, which sucks because my neighborhood is dangerous and "ghetto". I'm legally
and adult, and I've been with my boyfriend for five years but my mom doesn't let me sleep over at his house.
She's extremely against it because we're not married, but my boyfriend and I are planning to transfer to
another college and move out together three hours away from home at the end of next year. I just don't want
my life staying like this until then. I just wish I had time to lay in bed with my boyfriend so he can stroke my
hair and tell me things will be better. I just need time with him.
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First job is crummy.
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