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 Stupid online friends.

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PostSubject: Stupid online friends.   Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:46 pm

Friend #1
I talk to her, and give her emotional support and advice very often. I'm basically a good friend to her and will
do what I can to help her when she's feeling down or having what she calls "panic attacks". I'm not so sure
what they are but I always try to be there for her until she calms down. When we talk about normal things,
her replies seem like she's extremely disinterested or she doesn't reply at all. When she has a problem with me,
she posts about it without contacting me directly, and when I apologize and explain it, she IMMEDIATELY drops
it and says it's okay. She doesn't like dealing with fights but why bring it up at all if she's going to close up.

Friend #2
Honest and yet not honest when bad things happen between us. She'll bring something up, and when I want
to explain things, she'll say she's over it when she's still bothered by it, keeping a history of people's wrongs.
I do it too, but she should at least end the problem and talk it out or stop feeling hurt by it. Back then, she'd
disappear and go on another account, telling me she's too busy with school so we can't talk. But she spends
all day on that account. I left the site because it was emotionally hurting me, and she felt betrayed. I had
another personal issue as to why I HAD to leave the site, but I made the sacrifice to come back and I feel like
I'm not needed. I didn't get a warm welcome.

Friend #3
Selfish. Ignorant. Blind. I don't know why we're "friends". We had a great friendship until she started talking to
another person. After that, when we talked, it was just empty conversation. It created all this drama that I
can't easily explain. Right now, it sounds like I feel betrayed for a friend having a crush on someone else and
leaving me, but it's actually something much more complicated. I only found out that she was distant because
she had a crush on this new person, which is funny because SHE NEVER REALIZED THAT IT WAS A GIRL. The
person had posted a selfie, explicitly portraying herself as a female, but my friend continued to chase her,
believing she was a guy. After she found out her crush was a chick, their relationship took an awkward turn and
she had created all this drama between the both of us as well as friend #1 and #2. Even now, she refuses to
take the blame for her wrongs, defending herself, saying that she's only human. It annoys me because everyone
should accept their mistakes, but not defend themselves because those people are in no position to do so.

Friend #4
I was kind of close to this friend. She pretends to be a guy online and also admitted she had feelings for me,
and had something close to a mental breakdown when I left. We talked about random stuff and had fun but
she was also very defensive. When she was at fault, she would turn things around and make me look like the
bad guy, which I hate. Again, people need to accept their wrongs openly, not half-heartedly. Because of
reasons I can't say here, our friendship had to be over. When I did come back to the site, she already had a
new friend that replaced me, which I accept and will not fight over. She just absolutely stopped mentioning
me, making her new friend her new #1, which hurt because I used to be her #1. I perceived her new friendship
to be shallow compared to ours. Something had happened between the two, terminating their friendship recently,
but she's still sad about losing her new #1, THOUGH I CAME BACK AND AM AVAILABLE TO TALK TO?

So in general, all these friends don't really care that I came back, so I quietly left the site again. They used to
be pretty close to me, but like my boyfriend said. They're internet friends. Friends come and go. I just hate that
I spent so much time talking to them and being a good friend to them when I couldn't have the same: good friends.
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Stupid online friends.
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