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 First world problem

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PostSubject: First world problem   Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:53 pm

So my dad told me that he was willing to get me a phone that I wanted, and then he changed his mind, and then changed it again, etc... Now this normally wouldn't bother me, but it does. The reason it bothers me, is that, because we are buying a new house and I am getting braces, and I understand that these are expensive things, we're spending a good amount of money, which is also a good reason for me not to get mad. But it makes me mad, because he makes it sound like I am unreasonable to want this phone, and that it is my fault he's not getting it, and that he is the victim of the whole thing. Also, I am skipping a grade, and leaving a bunch of my friends behind, and this would make it much easier to keep in touch with them, along with the fact that at our new house, my parents aren't planning on getting a home phone, so my friends will only be able to email me or skype me, which are both things I don't usually do on weekends, or really whenever they would want to be contactinge me...
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First world problem
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