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 i guess i'll file this under school

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PostSubject: i guess i'll file this under school   Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:25 am

a combination of everything in life puts me through so much stress all the damn time, so much that i can't even focus on school work. i guess i could, but i can't try. for some reason, i can't. it'd be nice to get good grades and be well liked, but i just don't have the motivation. i guess it's because i tricked myself into thinking that i can't do anything correctly, since that's what people that are "closest" to me like to tell me.

maybe it's a hobby for them?

i don't know.

but as far as school goes, i can't stand my teachers. or my peers. or anyone, really.


needed to get that one off my chest
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i guess i'll file this under school
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