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This is a site for just anyone to complain, or talk about anything without feeling stupid. :3
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 ;-; retarded

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PostSubject: ;-; retarded   Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:15 pm

So you find out you stress out your bestfriend. ._. And then they decide to argue with you over it, trying to make you continue to stress them. So you have a panic attack. And they won't shut up and they're about to make you cry. Not to mention, they stress you out every minute of the day, and half the time you hate them. And they were just in a freaking coma and they're like I want you to stress me out and your like wanting to scream "YOU RETARD! YOU WERE JUST IN A COMA!!! WHAT THE FUCK??? You clearly do not cope well!!!!"
Mufasa out.

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;-; retarded
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